Our ideology

The pure Italian spirit has found a soul to merge with. Innovation, quality, strength, originality and SUSTAINABILITY are the characteristics of Reko, 100% Made in Italy. The new Reko range is the symbol of the racing soul of Selle Bassano. The simple combination of advanced technologies, innovative designs, research and 100% Italian craftsmanship: all developed with respect for the environment and our future. The Reko collection of racing and mtb saddles is designed for the rider who knows no limits and who dares and thinks outside the box. To go beyond your limits you need serious and reliable partners who share your adventures with you. A 100% Italian product, which is produced in Veneto, the cradle of thoroughbred cycling. Reko does not need parts imported from remote countries, wasting CO2 and increasing pollution. Reko is a sustainable product that respects our environment and our future. Reko, the Italian professional saddle.

The world changes, the needs of each of us too. We at Selle Bassano, always a leader in the development and production of saddles for electric bikes, innovate and think about the needs of the e-rider every day, we are close to them and we understand it. ...We think of the needs and comfort of those who use the bicycle to go to work (the bike commuters) of those who respect the environment and want a better future, but don't want to give up comfort. For these reasons we have created a new technology, a new way of thinking about comfort for the e-rider: the new and exclusive 5Zone system. After years of research and studies, thanks to our partners and the feedback we receive every day from those who use the electric bike every day, we have decided to develop our most famous technology the 3Zone Comfort System and offer something more: 2 new zones completely redesigned, which join the already known system, completing and improving it, raising it to a new standard. A step forward in development to remain inimitable and unique.



Dynarmo Rail technology was created to increase the reaction speed to the stresses coming from the biker or from the roughness of the terrain. Thanks to the special construction and geometry of the support fork, a greater dynamism of the saddle and comfort is created, without compromising the solidity and structural rigidity. This technology combined with the multi-braided materials of the hull, hours an innovative solution in terms of comfort and resistance in the supporting part of the saddle.

We have combined the 3Zone system, the well-known system with 3 diversified comfort areas, created for the most common gaits (sport, comfort and touring) with the fourth zone called Anticompression and the fifth AirPlus zone. ...Thanks to the 3Zone system, the rider has a surface available with 3 zones with different degrees of stiffness and density, useful for preventing pain in the perineal area in prolonged daily use and soreness in the peripheral joints, linked to weight distribution not correct.

HD Cover

The new and exclusive revolutionary saddle upholstery system. Thanks to a special production process, Reko by Selle Bassano has managed to create a perfect harmonization between the upholstery and the hull, achieving the highest degree of perfection and attention to detail never experienced before in a handmade saddle.

The fourth area called Anticompression, guarantees the release of perineal pressure on the entire central channel, in order to guarantee the position, constant along its entire length, the same characteristics of support and control. ...The e-rider can thus move forward or backward on the saddle with simplicity and with the same comfort, according to his pedaling needs.


The Net Floating System (NFS) is a shock absorption system applied to some models that allows you to create greater cushioning in the areas most stressed by uneven ground. Thanks to the innovative system, ergonomics and rider comfort are improved.

The fifth zone, AirPlus, offers another type of support surface, open in the central part, designed to avoid greater compression of the perineal nerve in the most comfortable gaits. ...Thanks to this opening, the e-rider will no longer have to worry about localized soreness and therefore will no longer feel the need to move on the saddle, losing the predefined position. The opening also perfects the cooling of the affected area, thus relieving burning sensations that can be created by long uphill rides.


The evolution of technology and materials science, carried out over the years, has allowed Reko of Selle Bassano to develop the Carbon Composite Multibra. The CCM hull allows to perfectly combine the characteristics of structural rigidity with elasticity, in order to provide, in combination with Dynamo Rails Technology, the maximum degree of control and comfort.

The new Selle Bassano 5Zone system is therefore a new step forward in development and a new market comfort standard for the new e-bike sector. ...Suprema, with 5Zone AirPlus technology, is perfect for the E-Rider, who requires greater comfort both when pedaling lightly and when pushing off.


C4K is the only Italian aeronautical carbon used for the construction of the baskets and forks, by Reko. Unique weaves and resins of carbon bra for maximum strength and maximum elasticity. Only the best of carbon fiber and the craftsmanship of the construction allows us to build a unique and inimitable product. The true essence of Made in Italy.

The new Selle Bassano 5Zone system is therefore a new step forward in development and a new market comfort standard for the new e-bike sector. ...Suprema, with 5Zone AirPlus technology, is perfect for the E-Rider, who requires greater comfort both when pedaling lightly and when pushing off.