The Reko E-Sport saddle (also available with the SIL system) is the perfect saddle for the EMTB. A unique and exclusive feature, the rear duck shape, which facilitates pedaling for the new pedal-assisted bikes on the flat and uphill. Ergonomic seat shape, with the central drain in the perineal area, is the perfect saddle to travel km in off road and to satisfy the most aggressive bikers.


  • Cover: Pvc
  • Foam: Ergofit System
  • Rail: Vanox or Chromoly
  • Length: 280mm
  • Width: 150mm
  • Weight: 285g Vanox, 350g Chromoly

The new Reko line is the symbol of Selle Bassano’s performance soul. Advanced technologies, innovative design and 100% Italian craftsmanship. A mix of research and exclusive materials make Reko an avant-garde brand ready to challenge any situation. Super resistant and special materials, allow to contain the weight without compromising the solidity of the saddle. Advanced research has created an exclusive anatomy that adapts to the needs of the most extreme bikers.

Available with SIL